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Chart of Insurance Policies and Payouts


The State of North Carolina argued that Ted Kimble's motive for having his wife murdered was to collect on life insurance.  The State presented Kimble as escalating from one insurance scam to another and outrightly accused his parents of being in on some of the scams.  Furthermore, the State accused Ronnie Kimble of murdering Patricia as Ted's hired gun in order to collect a portion of the Life Insurance as payment.


The State of North Carolina's Department of Insurance conducted its own investigation, as did the Maryland Commercial Insurance Group.  Several insurance agents were interviewed by Law Enforcement and provided details of their dealings with the Kimbles. 


Chart of Payouts  under construction
Date Amount Payor Payee For


$ 1,000.00

Maryland Group

Ted Kimble Advanced living expenses
10-1-96 $25,980.82    face amount plus interest Shenandoah Life Sheila Blakley Life insurance policy through Cinnamon Ridge Apts.



Maryland Group

Ted Kimble Additional advance, living expenses



Maryland Group

Patricia Kimble estate, mortgage companies Advance on dwelling loss



Maryland Group

Estate, Ted Kimble,

First Restoration

Clean up, debris removal



Maryland Group

Ronnie Kimble Living expenses (rent)



Maryland Group

Estate Final-contents

2/ 6/ 97


Maryland Group

Estate Final-dwelling repairs



North Carolina's Department of Insurance Investigation File

4Shenandoah Life (Life)

4Southland Life, Life of Georgia (Life)

4State Farm, Monumental Insurance Co., Wachovia Bank Risk Management, First USA (mortgage disability; auto, boat, and motorcycle; life; bank card and visa card)

4Blue Cross & Blue Shield, the Maryland Group (Auto accidents)

4The Maryland Group (Homeowners)

PDF of entire Investigation File


Maryland Commercial Insurance Group

4Gary Reilly Interview with Ted Kimble, October 16, 1995

4Residential Rental Agreement, October 24, 1995

4Jennifer Hall's statement to J. D. Church dated November 10, 1995

Note:  The report is Church's typed version of the handwritten statement included in the Maryland Group Case File 

Ted Kimble gives his account of the Rental Agreement in the notes on this report

4Exam under Oath, 127 pages, taken on the 7th day of March 1996

4Gary Reilly's Trial Testimony, August 17, 1998

Jennifer Hall was not called as a witness


Acordia of North Carolina

4John Appel's interview with Karen Hall, agent for Acordia, October 11, 1995

4Transaction log for October 31,1995 call from Ted to Karen Hall (PDF)

4Property Loss Notice, broken glass in Pella window, October 31, 1995

4John Appel' interview with Karen Hall, agent for Acordia, November 13, 1995

4Karen Hall's Trial Testimony, August 14, 1998


Life of Georgia

4Application for $200,000 life insurance policy, with Ted's complete version handwritten on the backsides of the pages

4Report, John Appel (GCSD):  Interview William Jarrell (Agent), October 12, 1995

4Report, J. D. Church (GCSD):  Interview Wanda Mize (Senior Claims Examiner), May 7, 1996

4Report, J. D. Church (GCSD): Interview William Jarrell (Agent), August 22, 1996

4Report, J. D. Church (GCSD): Interview Tommy Hendricks (Attorney), December 19,1996

4Report, J. D. Church (GCSD): Interview Tommy Hendricks (Attorney), March 7, 1997

4William Jarrell's Trial Testimony, August 10, 1998

4Wanda Mize's Trial Testimony, August 17, 1998

4Thomas Hendricks' Trial Testimony, August 17,1998

4Letter, July 13, 1999:  Life of Georgia to Ted Kimble re-issuing the $240.25 deposit refund



4Rita Stewart's Appointment Calendar, October 2-14, 1995

4Rita Stewart's Appointment form for Ted and Patricia Kimble, No Show, October 4, 1995 (Includes Ted Kimble's version)

4Report, J. D. Church (GCSD):  Interview Rita Stewart, October 12, 1995

4Rita Stewart's handwritten statement given to Detective Church on October 20, 1995 (Includes Ted Kimble's version of the events)

4Report, J. D. Church (GCSD): Interview Rita Stewart, November 9, 1995

4Rita Stewart's Trial Testimony, August 14, 1998


Massachusetts Mutual Life

4Harvey Apple's Appointment Notes, March 1, 1995

4Report, John Appel (GCSD): Interview Harvey Apple, October 12, 1995

4Harvey Apple's Trial Testimony, August 14, 1998


State Farm Insurance

4Report, John Appel:  Interview Khalil (Charlie) Ganim, October 11, 1995 (Includes 5 Policy Status Statements)

4Charlie Ganim's Trial Testimony, August 14, 1998



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