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Ronnie Lee Kimble 


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John Hatfield:  Conference with Ronnie Kimble



Entered Marines April 6, 1993

Married Kim December 10, 1994

Patricia died October 9, 1995

Kim and Patricia got along fine.

Everybody felt Patricia was a little weird.

Ronnie did not sleep with Kim before marriage. They dated from time Ronnie was 15. Ronnie used to drink but no more.

Ronnie broke in school three times and Ted and another person were involved. All cases expunged. Ronnie age 13.

At 15 Ted and Ron shoplifting sprees. Because of Kim, defendant wanted to quit.

Ted drove defendant into it. After they got caught they did community service.

Ron's alibi based in part on Ted and James Ogburn who works for--Ted. Query: Was Ogburn involved in Ted's burglaries?

There had to have been customers at Lyles who saw defendant.




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