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The Case File Subject Index

This index is the Case File sorted by Subject.  All items under the subjects are listed in chronological order.  Some of the subjects are Groups of People, to identify relationships.  These link back to the People's Index.  This index is still not complete.


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4Arson Investigation

4Autopsy and Identification

4Camp Lejeune (Where Ronnie Kimble was stationed)

4Church Groups

4Cinnamon Ridge Apartments (Patricia Kimble's Employer)

4Crime Scene Reports

4Defense Teams

4Discovery Memorandums

4Evidence collected, Examination Requests, Lab Reports, Disposition Reports

4Eye Witnesses & Identifications

4Insurance Policies, Claims, and Payouts

4Law Enforcement

4Lyles Building Materials aka Lyles Building Supplies (Owned by Ted and Patricia Kimble)

4Neighbors (of Ted and Patricia Kimble)

4Other Suspects

4Precision Fabrics Group (Ted Kimble's second job employer)

4Psychological Evaluations

4Search Warrants & Searches

4Statements of the Deceased (Statements Patricia Kimble allegedly made before the murder)

4Statements of the Defendants (Alleged confessions and other incriminating statements and behaviors)

4Time of Death

4Witness Lists




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